We are happy to announce the festival schedule for next year’s Gaura Purnima Festival, please stay tuned for more updates, and opportunities to donate for the festival.

26 Feb (Tue) GBC meetings start
02 March (Sat) Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura’s Appearance
10 March (Sun) GBC Meetings conclude, Devotee’s arrival, Kirtan Mela Adivas Ceremony
11 March (Mon) Festival Inauguration
11 to 15 March KIRTAN MELA
12 March (Tue) Congregational Preaching Night
14 March (Thus) Russian Day
15 March (Fri) Parikrama Adivasa
16 March (Sat) Navadvipa Mandala parikrama begins
22 March (Fri) Navadvipa Mandala parikrama ends, Elephant Procession
22-27 March Festivities and Cultural Programs
23-25 March Satsang Seminar
23 March (Sat) (Ekadasi), Sri Radha-Madhava Boat Festival, Immersion of ashes of departed souls
24 March (Sun) Santipur Festival, Book Distribution Awards
25 March (Mon) Ganga Puja
26 March (Tue) Ratha Yatra
27 March (Wed) Gaura Purnima Festival
28 March (Thus) Jagannath Mishra’s Feast
29 March (Fri) Devotees depart
29 – 31 March Second International Bhakti-Vriksha Convention

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