Balaram Purnima Celebrations

O n the auspicious appearance day festival of Sri Balarama, at Rajapur, we had abhisheka of Lord Baladeva. Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra devi were offered gorgeous outfits and colorful flower decorations. The entire temple was decorated with blue & white balloons, flower hangings etc .  A Maha abhisheka was offered at noon to small Baladeva deity, followed by pushpanjali and Maha arti.

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Being the last day of Jhulan yatra, Sri Radha-Madhava gave special darshan in shimmering silver outfits. In the altar of Sri Radha-Madhava, a decorated swing was placed and Their Lordships enjoyed swing pastimes in the morning after darshan arti. Srila Prabhupada started swinging his beloved Sri Radha-Madhava, followed by a long queue of Mayapur devotees. At Panca tattva hall, Sri Krishna -Balarama deities adorned the altar platform and accepted the worship & offerings of the devotees. Balarama shila maha abhisheka was performed at noon. As the day is also celebrated as Rakhi Purnima or Raksha bandan, all the deities gave darshan with rakhis tied, almost covering Their entire hand.

Balarama Purnima is a festival of love &  joy as is Lord Balarama!

Pictures of Balarama Purnima darshan of Sri Radha-Madhava

Dauji: Exemplification  of service to Sri Krishna: Srila Rupa Goswami in his Sri Sri Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika beautifully describes Sri Baladeva as follows: “Powerful Lord Balarama is sixteen years old, full of the luster of youth and has a fair complexion the color of crystal. He wears blue garments and a garland of forest flowers. His handsome hair is tied in a graceful topknot.

Splendid earrings adorn His ears and His neck is splendidly decorated with garlands of flowers and strings of jewels. Splendid armlets and bracelets ornament Dauji’s graceful and very strong arms and His feet are decorated with splendid jeweled anklets. Lord Balarama’s beauty is enhanced by the earrings touching His cheeks .His face is decorated with tilaka made from musk, and His broad chest is ornamented with a garland of gunja. Balarama’s voice is very grave and His arms are very long, touching His thighs.

The splendour of Lord Balarama’s transcendental form eclipses many millions of glistening rising moons, and the slightest scent of His boundless strength is sufficient to destroy many armies of demons. Although He knows the supernatural power of His younger brother,Krishna, still, out of love for Him, He never leaves Krishna alone in the forest even for a moment. Balarama is Sri Krishna’s dearest friend and is a great reservoir of the nectar mellows of many kinds of transcendental pastimes.

Lord Balarama is the direct expansion of Krishna, and from Him, all the other expansions of the Lord come. He exemplifies service to Krishna, and is present wherever Krishna is. His only mission is to please Krishna by rendering service to Him, whether it is in the creation of the material worlds, maintaining the spiritual world or as His personal paraphernalia.

Lord Balarama’s appearance day, commonly known as Balarama Purnima or Balarama Jayanti, is celebrated in Rajapur and Mayapur. In the ISKCON Rajapur Jagannatha mandir, the devotees have a wonderful abhisek ceremony for Sri Baladeva with ecstatic kirtan, and distribute maha prasadam.

In Mayapur, just before midday, an abhisek is performed, along with a grand bhoga offering, followed by puspanjali, or offering of flowers. Thereafter, there is a Maha Arati and the distribution of the maha prasadam. In the evening, devotees bring offerings for Lord Balarama, throw coloured powders on each other, and celebrate the breaking of the Varuni pot. Clay pots of various sizes are filled with sweet honey nectar and other delightful sweets and are strung up in the air. The devotees take turns to hit the pots while blindfolded, and once a pot is broken, the contents of the pot are distributed, another pot is strung up, and the devotees get ready for another round.

Throughout the festival, Lord Balarama’s favourite ambrosial drink is served out. Although not containing any intoxicants, the Varuni drink seems to have a similar effect on those who drink a lot of this honey flavoured drink. Celebrations continue later into the night with ecstatic kirtan.

All glories to Sri Baladeva!

Sri Balarama ki Jai!

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