ToVP Chakra Installation Pictures

T hursday 10th of August, was the auspicious installation of the Planetarium Wing Chakra.
The whole of Mayapur community came to the ToVP site to witness and visually see this monumental event.The devotees in Mayapur haven’t seen the Chakra before in a close proximity. Everybody was blown out and Mayapur is still buzzing today with this wonderful transcendental activity.

Sadbhuja das and the ToVP team were praying very hard that the monsoon rains would hold off while the Chakra and the Kalash were assembled in Mayapur. The rained stopped for more then 2 weeks and the weather was perfect, even on the installation day, the weather was fabulous without even a cloud in the sky.

One hour after the Chakra went up, it started pouring with rain like we have never seen before for a solid 2 hrs. Sadbhuja Prabhu feels and has full faith the demigods have come down to bless this Chakra.
The devotees are of the same opinion, the demigods have come down to bestow their blessing on us and this wonderful installation.

The event was blessed by the presence of HHJayapataka Swami Maharaj, HH Bhakti Nityananda Swami, HH Bhakti Prem Swami, all the Mayapur Administration Council members, Division council and all the Mayapur community devotees.


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