24th Annual Student Conference -Uttishta Jagarata Chatra Sammelana

F rom 20th to 22nd April, 24th Annual Student Conference was organised by Spritual Academy for Formation and Education (SAFE) at Mayapur. It is overwhelming to see how the young generation has taken up seriously the matter of spiritual education. 1000 students from differnt parts of Bengal like Medinipur, Jhargrama & other districts enthusiastically took part in the activities of the conference- interactive seminars, dham darshan, harinam, group chanting and also performed various cultural programs in the evenings. The students attend a weekly program conducted in their localities by preachers from Mayapur and once in  a year, they converge at Mayapur for the Sammelana.

kaumara acaret prajno dharman bhagavatan iha
durlabham manusam janma tad apy adhruvam arthadam
(SB 7.6.1)

“From the very beginning of childhood one should learn how to behave and practice Krsna consciousness, because this human form of life is very rare. . Although it is also perishable, it can give us the greatest boon; therefore we shall utilize this body from the very beginning of life.”

It was very apt to have this conference, just before Narasimha Caturdasi as this program is a practical implemention of Prahlad Maharaj’s teaching.

During the inaugural function, HH Bhakti Purusottam Swami , the director of this program, informed that few of Mayapur managers and leaders today were once students of Jagrata Chatra Samaj. This is an example of the success of this program.

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