ILS 2018 begins!

T he ILS – ISKCON Leadership Sanga – has started on 4th Feb andwill go on till 9th Feb. Several hundred devotees from all over the world have to come to Mayapur to take part in seminars and courses aimed at deepening their Krishna consciousness and developing their skills in leadership in Srila Prabhupada’s movement.

The ILS provides a unique opportunity for a cross-pollination of thoughts and best practices. It gives a chance for devotees to observe the ISKCON world from a global perspective. In this atmosphere devotees can expand their frame of reference and become invigorated by hearing from and sharing with leaders and devotees serving Srila Prabhupada under many different circumstances.
Our theme this year will be “keep the wheels moving” an expression Srila Prabhupada took from the Indian Railway. He noted, “it is the business of every employee, whether a train driver, a fireman or a clerk in the office, to do their bit so that the wheels never stop. If the wheels stop, business stops.” He wanted our ISKCON movement to keep the wheels moving and thus provide an opportunity for people all over the world to receive the mercy of Lord Caitanya.

This year’s ILS will play a critical part in setting the stage for ISKCON’s future. Speakers will explore the challenges and opportunities ISKCON will face as it continues to shift into the hands of the next generations.

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