Spiritual Picnic

M ayapur Bhakti Vriksha’s Annual Spiritual Picnic:

Welcoming the New year, around 800 prospective devotees from Krishnanagar, Dhubulia, Dharmada, Srirampur, Swarupganj etc. took part in Annual Spiritual Picnic, conducted by Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha on 17th Dec 2017.The program took place on the bank of Ganges “ Shree Kunja”, mayapur; a beautiful environment alike the forest of Vrindavan in the bank of Jamuna, where the morning cool breeze was blowing softly, parrots were talking each other hopefully ‘Goura Goura’ that reminds lord Krishna’s ‘Pulin Bhojan’ lila in Sri Vrindavan Dham. In that atmosphere the proceeding began with mangalacaran, Bhajan Kirtan at 10 O’clock. Then continued with an address by MBV Director H.G. Sankarshan Nitai Pr.who spoke on the importance of developing steadiness in once spiritual practice. Apart from that there was also entertain event for both the children and matajis.
After his lecture H.G Sankarshan Nitai Pr. along with other senior managers H.G. Nitai Padakamala Pr., H.G. Madhav Hari Pr. and H.G. Ananda Bardhan Pr. distributed different siksha level certificates, gifts and prizes such as Mridanga, Kartals, Sri Sri Radha Madhav Laminated Pictures and Oil Paint Pictures etc. to some of the attendance. The day’s festivities ended with the sumptuous lunch feast and they went back home with content hearts.
Everyone in attendance felt very satisfied and expressed a keen desire to participate in next year picnic program. The whole program successfully handled with care under the guidance of MBV coordinator H.G. Mathuresh Prabhu.