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I remember once I visited mayapur almost 18 years back.i felt very happy seeing Sri chaitanaya mahaprabhu birt place who gave mahamantra 500 years earier for spreading hare krsna movement

-Niraj Sinha,  India
Mon, 1 December 2014
Hari Bol !!
I have an opportunity ti visit Sri Mayapur Dham for the first time on 28th Oct,with my family and i have no words to express my feelings. This place is full of positive energy which in turn charges a each and every soul. As everybody is chanting Mahamantra since morning 4.30 am onward which is going on through out the day.

In short I can say its a HEAVAN OF THE EARTH and as such i have decide to visit twice in a year every year...

arvind somani sri ramanuja vaishnava das

-arvind somani sri ramanuja das,  India
Tue, 18 November 2014
If someone desire to have a peaceful period..then there is only one place to get it and it is...Sridham Mayapur.

-Madhusudan Gupta,  India
Mon, 22 September 2014
Hare Krishna,
i have visited Mayapur dham first time in my life on 21 August '2014. i can say honestly that i have lost my heart

-satyajit Halder,  India
Thu, 18 September 2014
I long to Visit! #AGTSP

-Bhakta Enock,  Uganda
Thu, 18 September 2014
Hare Krishna,

In October I am visiting mayapur Iskcon temple. .I hope it will a rememberable visit.

-Ms Rakhi,  India
Sun, 10 August 2014
Hare Krishna if one wants to enjoy the fuitfullness and the sweetness of life then they shuld surely cum to sri dham mayapur where sri sri radha madhava,Sri sri narismahdev and sri sri panchatatva have manifested themselves to shower upon their blessings to the people of the kaliyuga. i would urge all the devottes of the lord to come to sri dham mayapur abd enjoy there life with kirtans.

heri boll
hare krishna.

-jay,  Oman
Wed, 9 April 2014
Hare Krishna,
i have visited Mayapur dham first time in my life on 30th March'2014. i can say honestly that i have lost my heart. i have no words to describe. it was awesome. A day in Mayapur means a day full of blessings and peace.

Dipen Ghosh,
Kolkata, India

-Dipen Ghosh,  India
Mon, 31 March 2014
I have visited many philgrimage centers in India. But, Mayapur is the most beautiful place on earth due to the presence of Radha Madhav and asta Sakhis, Panca Tattwa and the amazing devotion of devotees who attend morning Mangala arati in huge numbers daily without fail. Rajapur dieties also add to the charm of mayapur. I took up Krishna Consciousness only due to Radha Madhav and Asta Sakhi dieties.

-Amrta Madhavi Devi Dasi,  India
Sun, 16 March 2014
Mayapur is flood of love. It is love of devotees for Shri Shri Radha Krishna in form of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu !

-Nilesh Bipinchandra Chaudhari,  India
Sat, 15 March 2014
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