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Hare Krishna if one wants to enjoy the fuitfullness and the sweetness of life then they shuld surely cum to sri dham mayapur where sri sri radha madhava,Sri sri narismahdev and sri sri panchatatva have manifested themselves to shower upon their blessings to the people of the kaliyuga. i would urge all the devottes of the lord to come to sri dham mayapur abd enjoy there life with kirtans.

heri boll
hare krishna.

-jay,  Oman
Wed, 9 April 2014
Hare Krishna,
i have visited Mayapur dham first time in my life on 30th March'2014. i can say honestly that i have lost my heart. i have no words to describe. it was awesome. A day in Mayapur means a day full of blessings and peace.

Dipen Ghosh,
Kolkata, India

-Dipen Ghosh,  India
Mon, 31 March 2014
I have visited many philgrimage centers in India. But, Mayapur is the most beautiful place on earth due to the presence of Radha Madhav and asta Sakhis, Panca Tattwa and the amazing devotion of devotees who attend morning Mangala arati in huge numbers daily without fail. Rajapur dieties also add to the charm of mayapur. I took up Krishna Consciousness only due to Radha Madhav and Asta Sakhi dieties.

-Amrta Madhavi Devi Dasi,  India
Sun, 16 March 2014
Mayapur is flood of love. It is love of devotees for Shri Shri Radha Krishna in form of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu !

-Nilesh Bipinchandra Chaudhari,  India
Sat, 15 March 2014
i got the chance to visit SRIDHAM MAYAPUR for the 1st time on the auspicious occasion of RADHASHTAMI. i can say that my heart was totally lost in Mayapur. i hope that SRIMATI RADHARANI and SRI KRISHNA gives me this opportunity again and again.


Tue, 11 February 2014
I am a regular visitor of Iskon Mayapur. I last visited on 16th January this year there and i have been thrilled to be a spectator for the pushpa abhishek of lord radha madhab. Every time I have gone there, I have seen different pujas for the lord. I visited there not only to see those but I get the taste of an eternal peace having there, the environment makes me forget about the daily hectic life. I have seen many books inside the main temple which can be useful to get a success path for reaching to the lord.

Hare Krisna Hare Krisha, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Wed, 29 January 2014
I visited Sri Mayapur Dham for the first time last December 2013 and I can truly say that I have lost my heart in Mayapur. A divine, spiritual place indeed. I pray That Sri Krsna and Srimati Radharani will again will this precious opportunity.

-Minnie Maharaj,  South Africa
Mon, 13 January 2014
I have visited Mayapur on 4th January, 2014 along with my family for the first time. I have no words to describe the environment & the atmosphere of Mayapur that we experienced there.It was wonderful. Unfortunately, we had to face a bitter experience regarding accommodation in Mayapur. We approached every accommodation sources there for one night stay. We needed a room with attached bath & Washroom since we had a infant child with us. But the persons engaged in reception counters in Gada Bhavan and other place of accommodation turn down our request wit a comment "Do you have booking"? Sorry, no vacant room available.I requested them repeatedly, but we did not get co-operation from them. At last considering our pathetic situation a foreign lady, who works for ISKCON at Mayapur approached us and provided us helpful advice and guide us how to a an accommodation in Mayapur. All I want to say the differences of attitude of a foreign lady and our own people. "Atithi Debo Bhava".

-Biswajit Deka,  India
Wed, 8 January 2014
At lotus feet of Gouranga,Mayapurdham,the divine place, only, where global true love and peace and integrity exists.

-mohana raja das,  India
Mon, 6 January 2014
I had just visited the place and its so beautifully maintained that i feel to spend at least some portion of my life over there.

-Sananda Halder,  India
Mon, 25 November 2013
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