Service Opportunities

Living in Mayapur- A long cherished dream for many all over the world!

Every visitor to Mayapur carries and relishes the Mayapur memories in their hearts forever and yearns for the day when they can once again taste the nectar forever!

“If your heart is set on crossing beyond the ocean of repeated birth and death, if your heart relishes the sweet nectar of Krsna-sankirtana, and if your heart yearns to swim and sport in the ocean of pure love of Krsna, then please reside in Mayapura City.”- Sri Navadvipa Sataka.

Mayapur – The growing Spiritual city requires the dedicated personnel to stay and serve in Sri Mayapur.

Here at Sri Mayapur we have a small group of devotees compiling a list of available services, please contact them to join their regular mailing list: [email protected]

Sri Mayapur International School

Due to a large increase in student numbers Sri Mayapur International School has the following service opportunities beginning August 2013:

  • High School Mathematics and Physics teacher
  • Computer teacher
  • Middle school sashtra teacher

The successful candidate should be able to teach these two subjects to small mixed ability classes of international students aged between 16 and 19 years old. The school offers the IGCSE and Advanced level curriculum of the Cambridge International Examinations Board . The teacher must be a practicing ISKCON devotee with recent successful teaching experience.

The school can offer:

  • The opportunity to live and serve in Sridham Mayapur Small class sizes of well behaved, Krishna Conscious students.
  • Monthly maintenance starting at Rs 15,000 for a trained teacher with international experience.
  • Free accommodation/Rent allowance.
  • Free lunch prasad for whole family Monday to Friday Free school place for first child and 1/2 price for second.

If you are interested in the above positions,please send an email with your C.V and details of professional and devotional referees to the Principal [email protected]

The successful candidate should be available to be in Mayapur by August 8th 2014.

High school Chemistry teacher

Proven experience of teaching high school level Chemistry is essential.

SMIS is a Cambridge International Examinations Centre so the successful candidate should be willing to be trained in the IGCSE, AS and A level syllabus of Cambridge International Examination Board and be responsible for carrying out practical activities in the school laboratory.

Middle school English Teacher

The school requires an experienced English teacher who can plan , deliver lessons and assess students from Grades 7 to 9 (11 to 14 years olds).

Candidates with B.Ed or equivalent are preferred.

This is for English as a first language not ESL. This service involves teaching small classes (under 12 students) of bright, eager to learn children aged 11 to 14 years old. There are separate classes for girls and boys. The candidate needs excellent spoken and written English and experience of working in a classroom environment with children of mixed ability.

Primary School Teacher

Our wonderful Grade 3 teacher will be teaching in the High school next year so we require a Primary school teacher.

Requirements for the position of Primary teacher:

The successful applicant will have either a recognized teaching qualification, and/or a proven track record of successfully teaching in schools, and have the ability to plan, deliver, assess and report student outcomes according to the U.K. curriculum. The applicant should be computer literate and have excellent English skills. Experience in teaching children who have English as an additional language is desirable.

The new academic year at Sri Mayapur International School begins on August 5th and we require the following part time teachers:

Needlework (sewing/crochet/knitting) and Cooking teacher- 4 periods a week (Each period is 50 minutes) for middle school girls (11 to 14 year olds)

Art teacher for Primary classes 10 periods a week (each period is 40 minutes) -this would be between 2:10 and 3:30 pm for children aged between 5 and 11 years old.

If you can offer other subjects for example: dance,  pottery/ceramics  ,sculpture, drama , carpentry, bicycle repair,  clothes design, gardening, cooking for boys, ayurveda / naturopathy and would be interested to teach 2 periods a week in the middle school,please contact me.

For more information visit:

All positions would be on an ongoing basis after a trial period of 3 months.

The remuneration includes:

Modest monthly maintenance wage commensurate with experience. Teacher’s apartment provided (subject to availability) or assistance with accommodation. Lunch meal provided. Free education for first child of teacher, half price for subsequent children. This is a unique opportunity to live and work in Sri Mayapur Dhama, and serve Srila Prabhupada’s movement at the headquarters of ISKCON.

Please email your resume and supporting references to [email protected]


Mayapur Bhaktivedanta Hospital

We require a Ophthalmologist, Dentist, and GNM/ANM Nurse urgently.

The applicant must be able to work full-time, and should be experienced, service minded, and a practicing devotee.

For more information please contact:

Dr Dipak Kr  Sharma
Medical Coordinator.
Bhaktivedanta  Hospital,

Email : [email protected] <[email protected]>
[email protected]
Phone: 91 9593013400, +91 9734110108

Mayapur Tourism Department

Administrative Secretary

  • Fluency in English.
  • Computer literate.
  • Ability to follow up on tasks.
  • Working hours is 10 to 6, with a lunch break.
  • Punctuality.
  • Commitment to service and work ethics.
  • Aptitude to learn.
  • 3 years experience as a secretary preferred.
  • Financial remuneration will be based on experience, performance and ability to learn.

Guest Relations Personnel

  • Fluency in English (compulsory) and Hindi (preferred).
  • Computer literate.
  • Ability to amicably and cordially receive and facilitate guests.
  • Organized.
  • Attentive to details.
  • Punctuality.
  • Commitment to service and work ethics.
  • Financial remuneration will be based on experience, performance and ability to learn.

Send resume to email [email protected]  or call mobile 09733578071


Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC)

Assistant Librarian

BRC has an immediate opening for a full time Assistant Librarian

Applicant Must be

  • Fully computer competent
  • Knowledgeable in English and Bengali (Sanskrit is a big plus) or be willing to learn at least Bengali writing and speaking.
  • Have a love of books and an enthusiasm to preach
  • Be willing to learn on the job as well as take necessary educational courses

Service includes cataloguing; indexing; preservation of old books and manuscripts by scanning and other methods; interfacing with other institutions and libraries; travelling to various locations for increasing the database of works; translation and publishing etc.

This is a full-time service. Successful candidate will be provided a room and boarding at the BRC in Kolkata. A small stipend is also provided. We regret that applicants must be male because we cannot accommodate females in our current facility.

We envision this to be an ideal engagement for a young, motivated graduate from our ISKCON school system

Applicants please contact BRC Director Hari-sauri dasa – 09830120437; [email protected]; [email protected]


Below is the latest compilation from the Seva Shop:

Section 1:  Service  available  as  at 4th July 2014

Project Worker

ISKCON Daivi Varnasrama Ministry Is looking for someone to help develop an office in Mayapur (under the guidance of 2 experienced devotees) in order to train and educate devotees and the public at large on the principles and techniques of natural agriculture through workshops, seminars, conferences, visits, field trips and through various multi-media tools and resources.

The work will include providing various services relating to the National Department of Agriculture for devotees and for the public at large, networking and interfacing with existing rural communities or agencies in India and abroad who are practicing or desire to practice natural organic agriculture.

The worker will have to keep abreast of on-going developments and interests in matters relating to self-sufficiency, permaculture, sustainability, community gardening, localized living and the like.

He or she will need to maintain records and reports of ISKCON communities in India who are registered with the ministry and organize a yearly Organic Agriculture Fair or Conference highlighting themes and information related to natural organic farming.

If you are interested, please reply to me privately giving some idea of why you would like to do the service and any experience you may have in any of these areas.

Maintain:          Available

Contact:             Send an email to Samba das giving details of why you’d like to do this service and any relevant

                                 Experience: [email protected]

Team leader

To lead the team in the Seva Shop, a group dedicated to matching servers to service.

Duties:                 Ensure the smooth running of the office systems. Initiate new ways of developing service by working

                                 with the schools, sub-committees, departments and individuals.

Hours:                  By discussion

Required:           Good communication skills. Good organisational ability. Imaginative approach. Good English

Maintain:          By discussion

Contact:             Tukaram das: 9046-404-309 / Daru Brahman das: 9153-784-635 / Krsnalaulya dd: 8001-763-027

Marketing professional

Touchstone Media is seeking a marketing professional for their long lists of publications and multimedia as well as managing their online e-commerce presence.

Duties:                 Create and manage an online brand and communication strategy. Conceptualize and track proposed programs to increase awareness and drive customer acquisition process. Review and ensure user, search engine friendliness of the website during the website development process. Optimize and improve ranking for targeted keywords. Create, Optimize and improve conversions through PPC. Load the customer base as high as possible. Improve traffic from search engines and conversion rate through integrated “Digital Marketing” . Marketing will involve interactions with our current customer base as well as develop new markets for broader outreach.

Required:           The qualified person must be fully aware of varieties of marketing strategies and internet marketing functionalities and must the able to develop the strategies and website maintenance.

Maintain:          Base salary with bonus based on results.
Contact:             email Isvara das: [email protected] Website:

Voluntary Care workers and professionals

Needed to take care of a range of “devotee clients” who need help to live independently through a period of sickness of disablement. It may mean helping with shopping, escorting out, helping to clean, giving association or, as a professional in your field, cutting hair, giving massage etc.

Duties:                 To offer practical support as required to a devotee who is sick or disabled

Required:           Caring, service approach

Maintain:          Voluntary

Contact:             Guna Manjari dd: 8389-901-072 / Daru Brahman das: 9153-784-635

German translator(s)

Duties:                 To translate a book from English to German and make a book in the German language

Required:           Fluent in German

Maintain:          Attractive remuneration

Contact:             Vaishnava Charana das  email: [email protected]

High School Mathematics teacher

Required at Sri Mayapur International School. The teacher needs to be in Mayapur from August 9th 2014.

Duties:                 To teach mathematics

Required:           Mathematics degree and experience in teaching 15 to 18 year olds.

                                 Link to syllabus:

                                 Ability to teach Physics an advantage

Maintain:          Rs 15,000 starting.

                                 Free accommodation/rent allowance

Free lunch prasadam

Free school place for first child, half price for second child

Contact:             Principal Gunacuda dd:  [email protected]


Required at SMIS to listen to the younger children reading.

Contact:             Gunacuda dd: 8436-617-295


Required immediately by SMIS for one month to cover classes left by teachers returning to their countries to collect

Duties:                 To teach any special activity…. music, gardening etc.

Suits:                    Male

Required:           Able to teach boys at grades 7,8,9 and 10 . Spoken English

Hours:                  To be discussed

Starting:            Immediately

Maintain:          Available

Contact:             Gunacuda dd: 8436-617-295

Classroon Assistant

Required for a class of 3-4 year olds for the month of August at SMIS.

Duties:                 To assist the Nursery School teacher

Required:           Spoken English

Hours:                  To be discussed

Starting:            August 2014

Maintain:          Available

Contact:             Gunacuda dd: 8436-617-295

Office assistant

Duties:                 To do office work on the PC

Suits:                    Male or Female

Required:           Spoken English, Use of computer

Hours:                  Around 3 hours daily

Maintain:          Voluntary service

Contact:             Iksvaku das 8370-838-390 / Iksvaku.dasa@

Health and Welfare Program developers

Needed to help develop programs for the health and welfare of the residents in Mayapur and internationally. According to your skills, it might include..…  writing for publications, organizing health retreats with devotees, giving presentations or seminars on health, acting as a representative for the Health and Welfare Ministry in Mayapur, securing finance for projects, distributing literature, planning projects etc.

Contact:             HH Prahladananda Swami email:[email protected]

Seamstresses / Tailors

Either to work from home or in our workshop equipped with sewing machine.

Duties:                 Making garments, sewing labels (opportunity to make patterns and designs but not an essential skill)

Hours:                  Flexible

Required:           Best if you have a sewing machine but not essential, one can be provided

Must be able to work independently and to a high standard with a consistently good finish

Suits:                    Male or female

Maintain:          Yes. Payment by piece

Contact:             Krsnalaulya dd: 8001-763-027


Duties:                 To work with Tally

Hours:                  9am-5pm

Suits:                   Male

Maintain:          Negotiable.  Depends on experience

Dept:                   BBT

Contact:             Siama Rupa das (BBT Manager): 9331-039-799


To drive a light van for the BBT’s preaching programs

Duties:                 To drive a light van

Hours:                  Full time service

Location:           Spoken Bengali

Suits:                    Male brahmacari

Start:                                      Immediately

Maintain:          Rs 5,000 per month + accommodation + prasadam

Contact:             Siama Rupa das (BBT Manager): 9331-039-799

Layout and Design worker

Duties:                 Layout and graphic design for BBT book publications

Hours:                  8am-9pm

Required:           Experience in layout and design work

Suits:                    Male. Preferably (but not essential) brahmacari

Maintain:          Prasadam, accommodation and personal needs met

Contact:             Siama Rupa das (BBT Manager): 9331-039-799

Cook and helper

This service is suitable for either one or two workers.

Duties:                 Cook for 40 plus devotees in the BBT offices

Hours:                  7am-9am and 11am-2pm

Required:           Cook must be initiated.                 

Suits:                    Male brahmacari

Maintain:          Rs 3,000 – Rs 4,000

Contact:             Siama Rupa das (BBT Manager): 9331-039-799

Assistant librarian

Duties:                 To work in the Bhaktivedanta Research Library in Kolkata

Hours:                  Mon- Fri: 9am – 5pm

Suits:                    Male or Female. Initiated or not.

Required:           Previous experience as a librarian or an assistant librarian.

Presently resident in Kolkata.

Spoken Bengali or Hindi an advantage.

Maintain:          Negotiable

Contact:             Harisauri Prabhu:  9830-120-437 / [email protected]


Duties:                 Give personal counselling to devotees asking for such assistance

Hours:                  As suits the client and counsellor

Required:           A compassionate, confidential and empathic nature

                                 Experienced as a devotee and qualified or experienced as a counsellor

Good spoken English is essential. Other languages as found in Mayapur, an advantage

Suits:                    Male or Female. Young or Old. Brahmacari or Grihasta.

Maintain:          As voluntarily paid by the client

Contact:             Shanti Parayan das: 245-175 / 9434-750-855

Library Assistant

Duties:                 To take care of the library for a morning or afternoon session

Hours:                  To suit. Morning or afternoon. Maybe once or twice a week.

Location:           Mayapur Academy

Maintain:          N/A. Voluntary position

Contact:             Gopaladeva das: [email protected]

Youth Leader

To manage a program of after school activities for a group of boys 10-18 years of age.

Duties:                 To provide activities for a group of boys

                                 Accompany them to pre-arranged events (a team will arrange the events)

To liaise with parents, schools and service providers

Hours:                  Program will run approximately  3:30-5:30 after school plus ½ day at weekends

Planning will take place outside these hours

Required:           Imaginative, communicative and resourceful individual

Suits:                    Male

Maintain:          Available

Contact:             Hari Kirtan das: 9732-818-188


To serve and take cash in Vamana’s restaurant.

Duties:                 To serve prasadam and collect cash

Hours:                  8am-2pm every day

Location:           Vamana’s restaurant, Samadhi shopping parade

Required:           Fluent English. A friendly and welcoming nature

Suits:                    Male or Female

Start:                  Immediately

Maintain:          Rs 25 per hour

Contact:             Advaita Candra das (Italy) 245-496 / 9609-362-353 / advait[email protected]

Section 2:  Service  always  available

Emergency First Response Team members

Duties:                 To work in a team dedicated to helping devotees in emergencies

Location:           Could be anywhere in the Mayapur area

Required:           Ksatriya spirit. No experience necessary. Training will be given.

Maintain:          N/A. Voluntary position

Contact:             Ganga das: 9533-212-662

Kamala Kant Dasa (Russian only): 9832-251-594

Gauranga Simha das: 9593-774-859

Volunteers for Prasadam distribution

Devotees required to help distribute Prasadam in the campus to visiting pilgrims.

Hours:                  11:00-11:45 and 5:00-5:45 outside Govinda’s restaurant

                                 12:30pm to serve lunch in the brahmacari kitchen

Just go to the booth or

Contact:             Sundar Govinda das: 245-258 / 9735-333-511

Book distributors

Come individually or as a group to collect books, a table and maybe even a bus.

Foreigners are especially welcome to join the Sankirtan program.

Contact:             Sachi Kumar das: 9434-055-853

Book distributors

Bengali speakers needed to man the book tables.

Suits:                    Male (or females can have a separate table)

Contact:             Sachi Kumar das: 9434-055-853

Creative home-workers

The Mayapure shop offers opportunities for devotees to sell their own home-made produce.

Clothing, cosmetics, home remedies, food items, toys etc…anything that will enrich peoples’ lives.

Be creative and bring your own goods to the shop in the Community Hall.

Contact:             Tukaram das:  9046-404-309

Akhanda Kirtan Mandali

If you are eager to enthusiastically chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.

If you want to spend your time in the holy land of Sridham Mayapur.

If you want to dedicate your time and energy for the pleasure of Sri Sri Panca-tattva.

If you are ready to offer six hours of seva every day in different parts of the day and night.


you are most welcome to join 24 hour Akhanda Kirtan Mandali in Sridham Mayapur for the pleasure of Yajna Purusa, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Hours:                  6 hours daily

Required:           Strong, dedicated personalities to show our commitment, punctuality, enthusiasm and expertise in

doing Akhanda Harinama Sankirtana Yajna

Contact:             Martanda Dasa: 9639-012-082 – SMS only, I will call you back / [email protected]

Sudama Sakha das: 9547-183-533 / [email protected]