15 Million reached through Namahatta!

ISKCON Namahatta in Mayapur reaches 15 Million By Iksvaku das (ISKCON CDM Outreach Coordinator) On the auspicious day of Radhastami, His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, co- minister of the Congregational Development in ISKCON, congratulated the Namahatta devotees from Sridhama Mayapur for having reached out to a record number of 15 million people in their last 35 […]

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Tree Planting in Mayapur

The BSF Kalyani had organized a tree planting program in Mayapur. This was done in the banks of Ganga to protect from erosion. They had planted approximately 100 baniyan trees at Prabhupada Ghat. The IG of BSF joined with the Sri Mayapur Gurukul boys. The BSF School children, BSF force, and the ISKCON management participated in […]

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Uttar Shib Bari Program

Recently there was a Program at Krishnanagar ‘Uttar Shib Bari’, Bagula road, on 30th July, 2014, for the occasion of the anniversary of that temple. Including 12 foreign devotees, a total of 30 devotees from Mayapur participated in that program. They arrived at 4:30 PM, and started Harinam Sankirtan on street called “Nagar Sankirtan” at […]

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Gaura Purnima 2015 Festival Schedule

We are happy to announce the festival schedule for next year’s Gaura Purnima Festival, please stay tuned for more updates, and opportunities to donate for the festival. 11 Feb  Devotee’s arrival 12 to 15 Feb Sravna Utsava 15 Feb Kirtan Mela Adivas Ceremony 16 to 20 Feb Kirtan Mela 21 Feb Parikrama Adivasa 22 to 28 Feb Navadvipa […]

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Hundreds of school children attend ISKCON program

Yesterday the School Preaching Department of ISKCON Mayapur had a Nadia Gaurav Festival, this was a humble endeavor by His Holiness Bhakti Purushottam Swami Maharaj to spread the glories of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to all the educational institutes of Nadia. The books depicting the life history of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu were distributed to all the […]

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Radha Nagar Kirtan Program

By the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, Mayapur Local Preaching received another invitation for ‘kirtan mela’ program at Krishnanagar, Radha Nagar Natun Baroary on 02.06.2014, just after Shaktinagar Kirtan Mela on 28.05.14. They where to have 3 days of continuous programs, ISKCON was the first to inaugurate with auspicious Harinam […]

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Ekasdasi Global Kirtan

After a week of daily chanting for the devotes of Ukraine, the international Kirtan Mela team is calling upon the world Vaisnava community to join in prayer for the protection of the devotees suffering in the civil war in Ukraine. I am including a letter from one of the Ukraine devotees at the bottom of […]

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Spreading the Holy Names in Shaktinagar

By the will of the Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu the holy name of the Lord is spreading gradually throughout the world in every village and town as predicted by Himself. By the last 50 years’ effort of H.D.G. Srila Prabhupada and his followers, this Hare Krishna movement is becoming more and more  popular throughout the […]

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Helicopter Service to Sri Mayapur

Please view the full gallery: Helicopter Test Landing We are happy to announce the successful test landing of Mayapur’s helicopter service today at 12.10pm. Captain Malhotra of Pawan Hans, along with Mr. Virendra Singh, Chief of Airport Operations – Durgapur Airport of West Bengal, were received with a warm Vaisnava welcome by the Deputy directors […]

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Memorial for HG Advaita Hari Das

A few days ago we had a wonderful program in honor of HG Advaita Hari Das. Many devotees and family that were close to him came and spoke words of appreciation and praise. We all then gathered to offer flowers to him, this was a very touching moment for all of those attending, tears of […]

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