Cow Seva

Cow Seva

Srila Prabhupada, in his teachings, had often emphasized cow care, teaching us that the society will flourish if cows and brahmanas are taken care of properly. ISKCON's goshala at Mayapur is a happy home for more than 200 cows, bulls and calves. They grow up in a natural and peaceful atmosphere and are maintained nicely by a dedicated team of devotees.

There are about thirty cows being milked presently, which yields 210 liters of milk daily. Milk is sold to the residents of Mayapur, and also used in the Deity and devotee kitchens. There are four pairs of oxen that pull various carts from Deities, to visitors, to garbage pick-up. Three sets of oxen are being trained up to plow the fields. There are about fifteen workers at the goshalla and one veterinarian.The Goshalla is doing better than ever, but still needs your support.

Head: Radhadyuti das, Phone: +91-3472-245203, +91-9434-951740

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