Give Krishna’s Cows a good scrub

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Recently the Mayapur Community residents were invited to come and give the beloved cows a bath. This means a good sprinkling with a water pipe. And a good scrubbing too.

The idea came from Gopijan Vallabha Das: “It is very auspicious to do Go Seva during the Purusottam month. As you can see on the video, it was such a blissful experience. So now we decided to bathe Krishna’s cows more regularly.”

The two year old, the eighty year old, mid-aged and beyond, there is no age to worship the Lord’s cows – it’s an eternal service.

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  1. Anuttam Hari Das October 18, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    Its very nice video I like it….. Hari bol!