Isodyan Bhavan

We are happy that many devotees have shown eagerness to secure a room in Isodyan Bhavan.We are happy to announce that in Mayapur, our latest guest house, ISODYAN BHAVAN will be finishing construction soon, adjacent to Vamsi Bhavan, it will have many onsite facilities for the guests. All devotees around the world are very much aware of the crisis for accommodation in Mayapur especially during festival days.

Now days throughout the year there are festivals in Mayapur. As a result of this devotees always face disappointment because of not getting proper accommodation in Mayapur. One of the most popular feedback we receive from guests is the request to build more guest rooms in Mayapur. We have been working on this and now, finally by the mercy of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu some land has been available for construction within the campus to build a guest house.

We request all the temple presidents, GBC’s, Yatra leaders, life members and congregation to take advantage of this new guest house.

Limited rooms are still available as DONOR ROOMS.

The remaining rooms will be allotted on first come, first serve basis.As the rooms will be available for you even during Gaura Purnima festival, we humbly suggest that every temple around the world and congregations should have ‘Your Own Room in Mayapur’ to accommodate their temple devotees and to facilitate their donors visit to Mayapur.

We take this opportunity to explain you the significance of booking this room. As we are aware that the value of money is reducing over a period of time and what you will invest in getting this room now will be considered as very negligible amount after few years.

For example when lotus building was built devotees had sponsored room for Rs10,000 and till today they are enjoying the facility of accommodation there. Though now devotees wants to pay 5 to 6 lakhs rupees still the room is not available there. Similarly, donor rooms in Conch building was given for Rs.250,000. But at present, many devotees are ready to donate Rs.250,000 for a room in Conch building but now this facility is no more available in Conch building.

Please consider that your investment will never go in vain rather it’s value will increase in future.Till the construction of Isodyana Bhavan finishes, donors can still avail donor room facility in Vamsi bhavan. This facility of using the room from now onwards will be extended to donors who pay the full payment now.




Room Donor Benefits:

  1. Rooms can be used by the donor, or their invited guests, for a total of 60 days every year including the period of Gaura Purnima Festival.
  2. Rooms can be used only during the lifetime of the donor. In case of organizations/ Yatras, rooms can be used be used by the/ their members for 25 years.
  3. The donor must inform the guest house reception at least 2 weeks in advance of any intended period of stay.
  4. During the rest of the year, the room may be used to facilitate other pilgrims.

Special Features of the Isodyan Bhavan
Prime Location: Adjacent to Vamsi Bhavan. North of Pancatattva temple. Four story building with elevator access.

Ground floor features:

  • Restaurant & Dining
  • An Internet Lounge
  • A Health Spa
  • A Gift Boutique
  • Travel Agency
  • An Open Lounge
  • A large conference room (1st floor)

All rooms feature:

  • Attached bathroom
  • Hot water facilities
  • Room dining services
  •  Laundry pick up /delivery

Where are the rooms located?
On the ground floor and first floor there are no rooms. The rooms start from the second floor onwards to 4th floor. The ground floor is for reception, lounge area and the first floor will have internet café, travel agency etc. The guest rooms are from 2nd floor to 4th floor. All the rooms are above flood level.

How I can pay for the rooms in installments?

You can reserve the room by paying an initial amount of Rs.1 lakh. Remaining amount you can send in three installments. As per the room you choose, we will send you the installment amounts to be paid.

Will be there be any agreement for room donors?

Yes, an agreement will be issued on behalf of Mayapur Pilgrims and Visitor’s Trust, ISKCON Mayapur, which will be duly signed by the beneficiary and ISKCON Mayapur.

Can anyone other than me can avail this room?

Yes, either the donor or any of his invited guests (with a copy authorizing them) are allowed to use this facility by prior booking.

What are the different types of rooms?

All rooms have four beds.

Room Type Size Cost
Standard Room 230 Sq.ft. Rs.600,000
Semi Deluxe Room 360 Sq.ft. Rs.900,000
Deluxe Room 400 Sq.ft. Rs.970,000
Suite Room 700 Sq.ft. ALL SOLD

Currently the following rooms are still available:

Standard Room – 29 available
Semi Deluxe Room – 1 available
Deluxe Room – 4 available

What are the payment options available?

You can also pay the amount in three installments for the room.

If you are outside of India you may send the amount by bank transfer to the following account, along with an email to confirming as such:

For any further queries, you can contact:

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