July 22nd 2012 – H.G. Krishna Swarup prabhu live on Mayapur.TV


H.G. Krishna Swarup prabhu was born in Nepal in 1969 and grew up in Assam, India. He studied Sanskrit from his very childhood and in year 1990 he received (Shastri), a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from ‘Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan’ New Delhi. He is an initiated disciple of H.H. Hridayananda Maharaj.
He joined the movement in Delhi in 1991 and started to teach Sanskrit in Gurukul at ISKCON Chandigarh. Two years later he moved to Mayapur and taught Sanskrit in Gurukula until 1998. He speaks several languages e.g. Nepali, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit and English.
He is married to his good wife H.G. Jatamamsi dd since 1998 and brought up three nice children while living in Alachua, USA.  At present, he lives in Mayapur with his family and teaches online Sanskrit courses as well as Harinamamrita Vyakaranam at the Mayapur Institute.

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.26.4 Text
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