SONY DSCSri Narasimha Bhagavan ki Jai!

On 24th of May, we shall be celebrating the appearance  day festival of Lord Narasimhaeva- Sri Narasimha Caturdasi Mahotsav. I am pleased to inform you that  preparations are underway for a grand festival. Devotees from all over the world have started arriving at Sri Mayapur to be a part of Sri Narasimha Caturdasi. For next three days, morning classes will be Sri Narasimha Katha. Sri Sthanu Narasimhadeva, worshipped at Sri Mayapur is very dear to devotees all over the world. Here in Mayapur, Lord mercifully is enacting several pastimes, protecting his devotees from all sort of danger and removing obstacles in the path of devotional service. As many devotees cannot personally visit Sri Mayapur and offer some service to the Lord, the online service has been set up so that  we can offer pooja/ seva to the Lord on your behalf with the prayers that you send to us.

We are thankful to all the devotees who have sponsored the sevas for the festival like Oil abhisheka, flower garlands, pancamrta abhisheka, Yajna, Pandal for Yajna, garlands for all deities etc.  Only seva that is available now is VAISNAVA PRASADA SEVA. By feeding devotees on the most auspicious Narasimha Caturdasi day, you shall receive the special blessings of the Vaisnavas and the Lord. You can also sponsor online pooja, conch, copper kalash, brass lamp, silver lamp to offer to the Lord.  To book your personal seva to the Sri Narasimhadeva in Mayapur, please visit here:

“Prahlada Maharaja loudly chanted the holy name of Lord Nrsimhadeva. May Lord Nrsimhadeva, roaring for His devotee Prahlada Maharaja, protect us from all fear of dangers created by stalwart leaders in all directions through poison, weapons, water, fire, air and so on. May the Lord cover their influence by His own transcendental influence. May Nrsimhadeva protect us in all directions and in all corners, above, below, within and without. – Srimad Bhagavatam 6.8.34”

Thank you,

Yours in the service of Sri Mayapur dhama,

Gopijana Vallabha das

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  1. narayani May 24, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    haribol..i would like to know what time will be abhishek indian time..thanks