Worship of Mother Ganga

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Ganga Puja 2013

Ganga can give bhukti, but the devotees are not interested in that, Ganga can give mukti, but the devotees are also not interested in that, Ganga can give Krsna bhakti and here in Navadvipa dham, she is very rich in Gaura bhakti and this is what the devotees want!”, said Bhadracaru prabhu, the main priest of the Ganga puja. The devotees started to chant Haribol! Haribol! and the matajis ululated in excitement just to confirm their agreement with Bhadracaru prabhu`s words.

Every year the devotees gather together to show our respect to Mother Ganga, by performing a grand puja. The beautiful murti of Ganga devi, decorated with a fragrant rajani and rose garland, with white complexion, just like her beautiful whitish waters, holding a pot and lotus in her hands and sitting on her makara fish was brought to the banks of her waters accompanied by a sweet kirtan. The shore of these Ganges water have been blessed with the lotus feet of Gauranga Mahaprabhu and his devotees. As the devotees were chanting the Ganga stotram, the sun was slowly setting down, illuminating the waters of Ganga devi with reddish effulgence, this way making the atmosphere even more enchanting. HG Jananivas Prabhu gave a beautiful class on the origins of Ganga Devi, giving us an insight in to the amazing pastimes of Mother Ganga.

After the lecture HG Bhadracharu prabhu and HG Jananivas Prabhu, accompanied by many other devotees performed an abhishek of Mother Ganga, along with offerings of bhoga, and maha-arati.

On the way to Puri Lord Caitanya was passing through the area where Ganga did not flow and he noticed that the people were not chanting the Holy names. When he came closer to Ganga he heard a cowherd boy chanting the holy names and Lord Caitanya said, “The great glory of Ganga devi is that she teaches the chanting of Lord Krsna`s holy names. The breezes from Ganga blow here. That is why I hear Lord Krsna` s glories”.

Mahaprabhu had great love for Ganga mata, He blessed her waters with his lotus feet regularly since his childhood. He expressed that in Navadvipa dhama, he had two shelters, Saci mata and mother Ganga.  Ganga mata ki jaya!

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