parikshit What is the better way to welcome the New Year than to immerse oneself in the nectar of Srimad Bhagavat Katha in the banks of river Ganga in the holy dham Mayapur? From today, i.e., 25th December till 3rd Jan, HG Gaur Krishna das Brahmacari from Vrindavan, a renowned speaker of Srimad Bhagavatam will be giving the katha for 4 hours on Sampurna Srimad Bhagavatam. This class is also available live on Over thousands of eager listeners of Katha have assembled at Sri Mayapur. In the evening, various cultural programs are also been planned. As a part of the program, Bhadracharu das, Deputy Director of Mayapur, informed that during the day, various activities like Ganga Puja, Go Puja, Dham Darshan, Sadhu Seva has been organized. If you wish to take part in this Bhagavat Katha, you can do so by either sponsorsing for free prasada for dham vasis which are being distributed during the 10 days of katha. Your name will be announced during the katha and all the assembled devotees will loudly chant once Maha mantra for the spiritual welfare of your family.

H.G. Gaur Krishna Prabhu, who is 48 years old, has been aspiring to take sannyasa from HH Radha Govinda Swami and has been in the sannyasa waiting list for the past 3 years (as of 2012). Gopal Krishna Goswami has recommended that He joins the Indian Bureau. H.G. Gaur Krishna Prabhu has been preaching in Orissa. HH Bhaki Rasamrita Swami is his mentor. H.G. Gaur Krishna Prabhu has passed the Bhakti Sastri Test as well. – See more at:

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