J2736x3648-00025Sri Advaita Hari Das, a disciple of HH Jayapataka Swami, serving as Deputy Director of Mayapur, left his body today at Bellevue Hospital in Kolkata. He had suffered a heart attack in Mayapur on 19th May, subsequent to which he was hospitalized at Bellevue hospital in Kolkata. He was put into ventilator support yesterday, and departed today morning at 8.10 a.m.

It is very sad news and a great loss to the Vaisnava community in Mayapur. He was a Deputy Director and was rendering tirelessly many very valuable services to ISKCON as a chartered accountant.

Advaita Hari Prabhu was a good preacher. He had been serving in Middle east prior to his arrival to Mayapur. By his preaching, he has made many devotees in Middle east. He was also currently involved in Corporate preaching in nearby regions of Mayapur and Kolkata. He was the Chief Finance Officer and a Deputy Director of Mayapur.

His sadhana, his character, his service attitude, and devotional service were all exemplary and sublime and his wonderful association will be missed by all in Mayapur.

May devotees shower their full blessings upon this truly great Vaisnava HG Advaita Hari Prabhu.

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