Ekachakra Retreat 2014

Please come and chant with us…….  in Japa as well as in Kirtan…..

From 27th to 31st of December 2014

in Ekachakra Dham, India

This retreat is open to one and all – men as well as ladies


  • Deepen your relationship with the Holy Name.
  • Spend these days in seclusion in the beautiful setting of Ekachakra Dham, the place of Lord Nityananda’s appearance – away from all usual distractions.
  • Hear about the glories of the Holy Name in the association of like-minded devotees and practically apply what you have heard in kirtan and japa exercises.
  • Experience a different reality – associate with Krsna in person, through His Holy Name.
  • Open your heart and allow the Holy Name to do His mysterious work on it.

PRICE: The only price to pay for attending this wonderful event is an intense greed for deepening our relationship with the Holy Name. Donations given with a generous heart complete the loving exchange.

QUALIFICATION: This seminar is for seriously practicing devotees, since it is aimed to bring us to deeper levels of chanting. Therefore the participating devotees should be chanting some rounds regularly for at least one year. If required we can provide translation into Russian language.

27th of December 2014: DAILY PROGRAM

                    5 am –  Departure from Mayapur to Ekachakra

                    1 pm – Lunch at Ekachakra

                    3 pm – Parikrama around Ekachakra

                    6 pm – Opening of the Retreat

               7:30 pm – Hot milk and snack prasadam

28th to 30th of December:

                4:30 am – Mangal artik

                7:15 am – Darshan artik and guru puja

                8:00 am – Srimad-Bhagavatam class by senior devotees in connection with the holy name

                9:00 am – Breakfast prasadam

     10:30-1:30 am – Seminar by Devaki dd with japa and kirtan sessions

                     2 pm – Lunch prasadam

       4:00-6:00 pm – Seminar by Devaki dd with japa and kirtan sessions

       6:00-7:30 pm – More kirtan

                7:30 pm – Hot milk and snack prasadam

31st of December: Departure to Mayapur:

                      5 am – Departure from Ekachakra

Only available for a limited number of participants!

Registrationplease register immediately by submitting the form in the registration section!

Looking forward to serve you,

Devaki Devi Dasi

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