Ganga Puja in Mayapur

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Ganga Puja Festival

Two days ago, here in Mayapur, we had a beautiful festival in honor of Mother Ganga. Hundreds of devotees gathered at our Prabhupada Ghat to worship and take bath in Her holy waters. There was melodious kirtan permeating the atmosphere while they made the arrangements for the program. HG Jananivas Prabhu gave a wonderful class on the glories of Mother Ganga. Following the lecture, a grand arati was performed for Ganga, the worship was headed by HG Badra Charu Prabhu.

Devotees then distributed small leaf plates containing flowers, incense, and a dipa, so they could also perform there own worship. A program is not complete unless there is prasadam distribution, following this culture, we distributed some small bowls of prasadam to all the devotees present.

Everyone was very pleased, as was Mother Ganga.

Srimati Ganga Mayi Ki Jaya

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