Marathon month begins!

O n 19\11\2014 in Mayapur Book distribution Marathon Month was inaugurated in the auspicious assembly of many senior vaisnavas and in the presence of Sri Sri Radha Madhava. In the Radha Madhava temple hall H.H Bhakti Purusottama swami, H.H Bhakti Chaitanya swami and many more senior devotees spoke on Book distribution and Srila Prabhupada as well as importance of community in distributing books. We also received an encouraging message from H.H Jayapataka Swami. In the temple hall the sankalpa was taken by the devotees in front of the lordships. The sankirtan devotees were blessed by the Lords, Maharajas and the devotees. The sankirtan buses left along with loads of books and their deities to preach in the villages of Bengal and distribute books. They will return only during the Gaura Purnima. The speakers spoke about the hardships that the sankirtan devotees undergo. They carry bags full of books and distribute them in the rural areas and other villages. There are deities of Gaura nitai in every bus and the deities also travel with the devotes to all the places. The community devotees were also encouraged in helping to Mayapur in distributing books. During the marathon month now all the community members of mayapur, the schools, and the departments everybody will distribute books.

We hope that every pilgrim who visits Mayapur will go back with at least one book of Prabhupada.

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    Joy sri radhamadhabo

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    Hare Krishna. Please give me a like for download all prayer mp3

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    Jai Shree Krishna