Nagar Sankirtan at Bhatjanla

There was a Bhakti Vriksha Nagar Sankirtan program at Bhatjala, Krishnagar, organized by Advaita Bhakti Vriksha Gosthi Under Mayapur Local Preaching. Total 16 No. of devotees came from mayapur , including 3 foreign devotees.

The Nagar Sankirtan sarts at 5:30 pm for one hour and we came back to stage. There we had Mangalacaran , Bhajan-Kirtan, receiving devotees with garland and Candan, introducing of foreign  devotees, Lecture by foreign devotee,ISKCON Cinema and Mahaprasad  for everyone. During the program suddenly in the sky very black rainy cloud appeared and rain almost started to fall, but by the intense prayers of the devotees towards the lord, the rain disappeared and the weather become cooled and pleasing devotees hearts and the whole program  continued nicely. In this Nagar Sankirtan parikrama about 200 devotees and local people took part and in the stage program aboute 160 people took part and enjoyed the whole program with great attention. At the end there was delicious Krishna Prasadam for all the devotees and the program had been successfully accomplished.

Your Servant Mayapur Local Preaching.


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