Nrisimha Chaturdasi Pics!

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Gold Dress





We have now posted many amazing photos of the Nrisimha Caturdasi festivities, including 170 pictures of the abhisek. The extremely elaborate Sudarshan yajna was performed the previous day this year  being well planned out and conducted by our Gurukula boys, headed by HH Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami.

The abhisek was an exciting event with hundreds of devotees packed into the temple room trying to catch a glimpse of Nrisimhadeva while he was getting his opulent bath. Since only a few can sit in a position in which they can directly see Nrisimhadev, we had two large cricket match style screens in the temple so that all the visiting guests would be able to watch the abhisek.

The most beautiful parts of the abhisek were definitely the milk, mango, powder, and flowers, you can see pictures of this in the gallery. After the abhisek there was an delicious ekadasi feast served to all the devotees. After everyone was sufficiently filled with prasadam, they came back to the temple room for the evening darshan of Nrisimhadeva, along with a Maha-Arati.

Jai Nrisimhadev!!!