Road Station Nagar Sankirtan

Apart from weekly Bhakti Vriksha Program Mayapur Local Preaching (MLP) also holding Nagar Sankirtan Programs at a certain interval to those particular locality where the Bhakti Vriksha Centers are located, just to awaken people regarding Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission for their spiritual benefit.

Generally we start Nagar Sankirtan from Bhakti Vriksha center and after one hour we come back to the same place. But at this program on 3rd May,2014 we changed the schedule, not coming back the same place, but we finished in a different house. We started from Sri Caitanya Bhakti Vriksha center, karuna Bagchi mataji’s House and ended up with Sunil Thakur house. There we had again for one hour stage program, beginning with mangalacaran, Bhajan-kirtan, Receiving devotees with chandan and garland by the local devotees. Then  there was lecture on ‘the aim of  human life’ delivered by H.G. Gopal Pr. From Spain. Then there also was ISKCON cinema ‘Hare Krishna World’ and at the same time we also had a booth for ‘Jivan Jignasa Program’– a onetime slide show by which new people gets opportunity to take part in Bhakti Vriksha program regularity. At the end Mahaprasadam distributed for all the devotees and participates. The whole program completed successfully.

Hari Bol

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  1. sushil May 20, 2014 at 12:07 pm #

    hare krishna here krishna krishna krishna hare hare