Snana Yatra

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Devotees from all over the area came to participate in the annual abhishek our most beloved Lords in their forms as Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra. The festivities started early in the morning with a beautiful darshan of their lordships, and a grand ceremony of bringing Them to Their snan vedi, or bathing ground. Our pujaris, headed by HG Jananivas Prabhu, offered the first abhishek, of various substances such as milk, ghee, honey, yogurt, juices, and water. After the initial abhishek was started all of the devotees that had gathered in a long line came to give their offering of abhishek. The bathing continued for the next four hours or so, until the time came for the final shower.

The kritans were ecstatic and the mood was devotional. After Their Lordships were dried with nice soft towels, they were then brought back onto the altar so that they could wear their elephant dress. While the devotees were eagerly awaiting the Lords darshan, a few of the children performed a small drama about the pastimes of the manifestation of Lord Jagannath in Rajapur. The environment was surcharged with sweetness. After the drama the Lord was offered various items of food stuffs, along with a maha-arati.

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