Spreading the Holy Names in Shaktinagar

By the will of the Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu the holy name of the Lord is spreading gradually throughout the world in every village and town as predicted by Himself. By the last 50 years’ effort of H.D.G. Srila Prabhupada and his followers, this Hare Krishna movement is becoming more and more  popular throughout the world. Recently Mayapur Local Preaching received an invitation from our Local city Krishnanagar. Mayapur Local Preaching took this opportunity to spread the holy name.

This congregational chanting called ‘Kirtan Mela’ Program was held in Shaktinagar ‘Shakti Mandir’ on 28.05.2014.

A total of 11 Brahamacaris participated from Mayapur. The program started at evening 6:00 pm, and continued for 3 hours. H.G. Sankarsan Prabhu, is one of our special singers from Mayapur, he bagan with mangalacaran and harinam kirtan. He was followed by other singers like H.G. Sundar Gopal Prabhu, H.G. Madhav Prabhu, H.G. Mathuresh Prabhu, who continued the whole program for two and half hours. There were around 100 participants who had gathered to hear a short lecture, also known as Krishna Katha. The lecture, by H.G. Sulocan Gour Prabhu, was encouraging them to practice devotional service in their day to day life . Apart from main Program, there was book distribution by H.G. Lokobandhu Nrisimha Prabhu from Russia.

The program was followed by mahaprasadam distribution to everyone there. One of the local devotees of Krishnanagar, Sri Subir Das, took care of the Mayapur devotees’ Prasad seva in his house. In this way ‘Kirtan Mela’ program had a successful end.

Hare Krishna.

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