Sri Jagannath Boat Festival

Y esterday in Rajapur a wonderful boat festival was held for the pleasure of Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladeva & Subhadra devi. The small deities or vijaya vigraha of Their Lordships had a boat ride in the lake in front of Simantini temple and gave darshan to the devotees. The boat was sparkling like made out of gold and diamond by the effect of the lights on the waves of the lake. H.G Pankajangri prabhu was serving the deities on boat along with Rajapur temple pujaris. There were about 200 people who came from mayapur and surrounding places. This festival originated in Sri Ksetra Puri dhama where Sri Jagannatha’s Utsava deities enjoy boat pastimes in Narendra Sarovar. This has been followed from Mahaprabhu’s time.

On each day of Chandan Yatra, Lord is offered a  ‘Vesa’ or special decorations and outfits, depicting a specific pastime of the Lord.  The Lord was offered “Rasa Mandali” vesa. Sri Jagannath gave an amazing darshan, adorned with blue chandran, seated with His lotus feet on rocks and playing flute surrounded by gopis.

Narendra Sarovara

Narendra Sarovara is situated to the north east of Jagannatha temple next to Jagannatha Vallabha Garden; walking along Grand road towards Gundicha Temple, it is on your left side. This pond is also known as Sri Candana Puku, because Candana Yatra of Lord Jagannatha takes place here.

From Aksaya trtiya (In the month of Vaishakha, or April/May) up to Suklastami-Tithi in the month of Jyestha (May/June), the Lord comes here to enjoy His boat festival. The Vijaya Vigraha of Lord Jagannatha, Sri Madana mohana, along with Lokanatha Mahadeva And other Deities, all enjoy a daily procession and boat ride during Candana Yatra.

Narendra Sarovara is 873 feet long and 743 feet wide. King Indradyumna made this pond for the pleasure of Lord Jagannatha during His Candana Yatra. Candana Yatra is also known as Gandhalepan Yatra

In the middle of the pond there are three temples on a small island structure, which is reached by a bridge. During Candana Yatra the Vijaya Vigraha deities from Jagannatha temple and Pancha Mahadeva sit here and receive Puja.

Now, devotees have a chance to witness this same pastime in Rajapur, which is non-different from Puri dhama!

Sri Jagannath, Balarama, Subhadra devi ki jai!

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