Tree Planting in Mayapur

T he BSF Kalyani had organized a tree planting program in Mayapur. This was done in the banks of Ganga to protect from erosion. They had planted approximately 100 baniyan trees at Prabhupada Ghat. The IG of BSF joined with the Sri Mayapur Gurukul boys. The BSF School children, BSF force, and the ISKCON management participated in the joint program. The members of ISKCON were Gauranga Simha Das, Madhava Gauranga representing the Gurukul, security department head Bhakti Swaroop Das, and tourism head Gopijana Vallabha Das.

The children performed a cultural program creating awareness to the public on the importance of having trees and the need to protect them and not cut them down for wood.

The program was successful and the IG has expressed his desire to visit Sri Mayapur more frequently. He also appreciated the Gurkul boys for learning Kung-fu for self defense and protection. He welcomed ISKCON leaders to Visit BSF for a Kung-fu demo in the future.

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