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Celebrated on the onset of spring, Vasanta Pancami marks the beginning of new life with yellow mustard flowers starting to bloom, and nature displaying her majestic beauty. Thus the colour of the festival is yellow. The Deities in the temples, especially in Vrindavana wear yellow, or yellow-green on this day. The local women all can be seen wearing gorgeous yellow sarees.

Please take darshan of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava in an awesome yellow outfit, with altar decorated artistically in bright yellow flowers. Mayapur Community devotees, were very eager, as they usually are, to offer a beautiful dress for the pleasure of Their Lordships Sri Radha-Madhava, so that they may enjoy the spring pastimes. They started work on the outfits the previous morning, from  10 am onwards all night long until next day. Over 100 Russian devotees are at present in Mayapur on a pilgrimage, and they were very happy to have the opportunity to serve Their beloved Sri Radha-Madhava. In the evening, the devotees participated in an ecstatic kirtan, were everyone danced joyfully for the Lord’s pleasure.

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