Appearance of Lord Varahadeva

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vasati daśana-śikhare dharaṇī tava lagnā

śaśini kalaṅka-kaleva nimagnā

keśava dhṛta-śūkara-rūpa jaya jagadīśa hare


As glorified in the verse above by Jayadeva Goswami, Lord Krsna appeared as Varahadeva (a boar) to rescue mother earth that had been submerged in the Garbhodaka Ocean by demon Hiryanyaksha. Like other incarnations of the Lord, He came out of His causeless mercy  to rescue the pious and annihilate demons like Hiryanyaksha. His appearance as a boar who could lift earth with His tusks and kill powerful Hiryanyaksha also go on to show His extraordinary power.

Following the tradition, ISKCON Mayapur celebrated His appearance day with kirtana, abhishek, arati and bhoga offering. Fasting till noon was observed on the previous day (ekadasi). A pancamrita abhishek of Lord Varahadeva was performed by HG Jananivasa prabhu between 11 am and 12 noon. Gurukula students chanted mantras in honor of the Lord during the Abhishek. A large number of devotees gathered for the arati which went till 1 pm.

The pictures for the event can be accessed by clicking the links above. Hare Krishna.


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