Day of flowers in Mayapur

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Jananivasa Prabhu said that he was instructed by Srila Prabhupada to celebrate festivals related to the pastimes of the Sri Sri Radha-Krishna in a grand way in Sri Mayapur. These pastimes are going on eternally in the spiritual world. By celebrating these festivals, we can engage ourselves directly in the service of the Lord. Especially the Pusya Abhiseka festival, where the Lord is bathed in soft, cooling petals of fragrant flowers. These festivities bring us closer to the mood of Vrindavana.

Devotees at Mayapur eagerly look forward to celebrating Pusya abhisheka Purnima. This is a festival of joy, as we get a chance to offer some personal service to our dearest Sri Radha-Madhava. On this day Sri Radha-Madhava and Asta Sakhis were offered flower outfits lovingly prepared by the devotees. The planning for the festival began few weeks ago by our deity decoration team. On 5th Jan, the day before Pusya abhisheka, devotees started making the flower outfits from 11 am onwards up until dawn. The blissful service of stitching multi colored flowers and beads onto the outfit left devotees spiritually enlivened. In the evening there was a shower of flowers given to our small Sri Radha-Madhava deities, they later gave a short shower to the larger deites. Pictures of  flower dress darshan and festivities are uploaded in our photo gallery.

This years photography was done by Nrisimha Das.

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