Ganga puja celebrations

O n 28th May evening, devotees at ISKCON Mayapur celebrated Ganga puja festival. Also known as Ganga Dussehra, the day marks the descent of mother Ganges to earth. Hundreds of devotees gathered at Prabhupada Ghat to worship Mother Ganges and take bath in Her holy waters.

The program started off with melodious kirtan. Then to the delight of all the assembled devotees, there was katha on the descent of mother Ganges by HG Pankajanghri prabhu and HH Bhakti Purusottama Maharaj. Following the lectures, a grand arati was performed for mother Ganges. Devotees were also distributed small leaf plates containing flowers and a dipa, so they could also perform their own worship. Not to forget the final part of Vaisnava events (if you guessed prasadam, that’s right), delicious Mayapur mango prasadam was served to all the devotees.

Please view the images of the event in gallery above. To know the pastime of Mother Ganges descent, ways of worshiping Her and more, please read : Ganga dussehra

Ganges in Mayapur is very dear to Srila Prabhupada. He wished to have a nice ghat in Ganga so that devotees can offer proper worship to Mother Ganga. You can now please him, mother Ganges and Vaisnavas by sponsoring for Ganga ghat development at Mayapur. We have a wide range of services that you can choose from and you can contribute from as low as Rs 1000. Please view https://www.mayapur.com/serve-mayapur/ganga-ghat-development/ for details and offering your seva.


Srimati Ganga Mayi Ki Jaya


Images courtesy: HG Aradhya Gauranga prabhu.

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