A fter the ecstatic Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama, all six parties returned to Mayapur. Gaura Purnima festivities began in Sri Mayapur on 28th Feb with Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Boat Festival. This shall be followed by other festivals like Ganga puja, Ratha yatra, Deity procession, Jhulan yatra etc. Ratha Yatra is on 3rd March and Ganga puja is on 4th March. Nectar of Gaura Katha is overflowing in different languages from senior sanyasis. Please visit www.mayapur.tv to watch the festival live. Festival free prasada has resumed after Parikrama.

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We are grateful to the devotees worldwide for eagerly coming forward to contribute for Festival Prasada Seva. Jagannath Misra feast and Gaura Purnima day prasada seva are sponsored!

We have just three slots available 21st Feb lunch, 3rd March lunch, 4th March breakfast prasada.

Click here to reserve your day of Prasad seva at Sri Mayapur dhama:



In the events, RATHA YATRA is yet to be sponsored and it is going on right now! To sponsor click:



Render personal service to Sri Gauranga! On 5th March, Gaura Purnima day, there will be a grand abhisheka and Aarti to Panca tattva. You can sponsor conch or kalash to bathe the Lord and receive the items as transcendental gifts. You can also offer lamps or shoes to Sri Gaura –Nitai and receive the prasada lamp and shoes to bless your residence.

You can offer Tulasi archana and pooja to Sri Pancatattva at Mayapur. Please send your name, any special prayers to be offered and gotra (use Additional Information box below). We shall offer the pooja and send you the prasada.

Feed the cows in Goshala. There will be a special Go pooja and feeding of the cows in Goshala on Gaura Purnima day. Serve the Lord by serving His dearest Cows!

To offer any of the above sevas visit:  



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