Govardhan Pooja Festival

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Govardhan Puja & Abhishek

Again this year, Sri Dham Mayapur celebrated Govardan Puja in a very sweet way.

It’s all started a week ago when every evening HH Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat swami gave amazing classes on Vraj Lila that brought the devotees to a perfect mood.

So when the auspicious day of GOVARDHAN Puja finally arrived, with the temple room full to the max, and loud kirtan going on , everyone was happy and surprised when the large curtain were pulled open and the Lord gave us all beautiful  darshan of his sweet pastime.

We were all carried to the exact time and place where young Lord Krishna lifted the huge hill with the small finger of His left hand to protect his dear devotee against Lord Indra’s furious rage.

Vrindavan sounds like falling rain and peacock’s singing could be heard coming from the altar along with huge storm clouds and purple lightning.

Everyone on the altar looked happy and peaceful under the protection of the hill lifted by the Lord.

In that sweet mood, thousands of devotees carried on the celebration in different ways.  Kirtan went on and no one wanted to leave the temple room making sure they had their place with the best view of the Lord’s abhishek coming soon.  Then  Our merciful Lord, left his regular altar and came on Pancha Tattva side to smilingly accept the love of the devotees who bathed him with so many sweet juices, honey, milk etc. so many flowers and fruits garland. The Lord exhibited a huge smile for all the devotees to see and keep in their hearts.  Everyone was in bliss.

Then of course while the pouring of love was going on , on one side, on the other side of the temple room, devotees were working hard to build the Annakuta (hill of rice) full of color, sweets, fruits etc. and  hundreds and hundreds of clay pot filled with preparations made by the whole community of devotees.   After the abishek Giriraj was placed back on his altar with Radha Madhava and when the pujaris lifted the cloth that was hiding the hill, there came a delightful sight and one that made everyone hungry and eager to somehow, get a small piece of the hill.

Mahaprasadam was distributed to everyone and all were satisfied and happy…

Another Govardan hill made of cow dung was made by devotees close to Lord Nrsimhadeva’s altar so that everyone had a chance to do parikrama around Govardan.

In the afternoon, all the devotees, pilgrims honored Giriraj Mahaprasadam.

It was an awesome festival, organized with so much love and devotion, with beautiful decorations and inspiration to all and a sweet way to remember the Lord.

I am sure all the devotees had sweet dreams that night…




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