Govinda Ghosh Disappearance day- Agradwip Mela

O n  Papamocani ekadasi day, Govinda ghosh, an eternal associate of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu disappeared. Gopinath jiu (Govinda Ghosh’s beloved deity) held Kusa grass in His fingers to perform Shraddha ceremony of Govinda ghosh. This was as per His promise to Govinda Ghosh and this practice is continued till today.

Shri Govinda Ghosh was known for his sweet kirtans at the annual Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra festival. He and his two brothers, Vasudeva and Madhava, are eternal associates of Shri Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda. The Lord would immediately begin dancing whenever the Ghosh brothers would sing. The Ghosh brothers preached throughout their lives with music and song. As Kalavati-sakhi, Govinda Ghosh sings sweetly for Radha-Govindaji in Goloka Vrindavana. His samadhi is in the 64 Samadhis Area.

You can listen to a lecture on glories of Govinda Ghosh by clicking here: Lecture or read more about him by clicking here: Pastime

Agradvipa is a small town, near katwa, situated on the west side of Ganga. Shri Govinda, Madhava and Vasudeva Ghosha lived there. On this day, thousands of pilgrims visit Agradvip to celebrate this festival. On your next visit to Mayapur, make sure you visit this beautiful dhama of Agradvipa to have Gopinath darshan. For more info to visit this holy place, you can write to



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