Help Support Flood Relief in Mayapur

On behalf of Mayapur Management I share the first update on the Flood situation in Mayapur.

With the heavy rainfall for the past one week and the following release of water from Farakka dam, flood waters have started to enter into Mayapur and surrounding areas.

Since yesterday, Ganges water has been overflowing off Bhakti Siddhanta road, entering ISKCON Campus and flooding the area. Devotees at the ground floor level are vacating and moving to higher levels and many were moving out of Mayapur. The shop owners on the ground floor had to vacate the shops and move to different locations. Less than 12hours Ganga water has started flowing into the Sri Sri Radha-Madhava and Sri Sri Panca tattva temple hall.

As water is flowing on the road, rising at a gradual speed, surface transport has been affected. Hence, we requests all the guests who have planned to visit Mayapur in the forthcoming week to cancel their visit due to the flood. We shall post the updates from Mayapur regarding the flood situation. Also telephone lines are affected and hence, we request the guests to bear with us.

Mayapur management is focusing on two fold operations in an emergency:

  1. To provide support to the community for safe relocation  and
  2. Concern about the flood relief work for the surrounding dhamvasi villagers, who are affected badly. Many are thrown into streets with their dwelling being washed away. ISKCON Mayapur shall begin to distribute prasadam shortly to the effected villages by boats.

Around 50 villages and 25,000 people in the Navadvipa block is affected by the recent flood in bengal, the situation is worsening day by day. ISKCON Mayapur is preparing for relief support like food, tarpaulins etc..

We have started our food relief, and we need immediate support for purchasing the following things :

  1. Biscuits packet – Rs.5
  2. Chipped Rice and Gur – Rs.10
  3. Khichdi – Rs.15 per plate

We are planning to feed at least 50,000 flood affected people.

To assist ISKCON Flood relief work, and to the serve the dham in this hour of need, click here:

Thanking You, Your Servants,

Brajaraj Kanai das – Secretary to Sankarshan Nitai Das

Gopijana Vallabha das – Head of Mayapur Tourism Dept.

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