Jhulan Yatra 2015 Celebrations

Jhulan Yatra Gallery

Balaram Jayanti Abhishek Gallery

Despite the heavy flood in early August, a grand Jhulan Yatra celebration took place in Mayapur from 25th-30th August. Like the past years, the spirit of taking part in Sri Sri Radha Madhav’s transcendental swing pastimes, attracted several hundreds of participants from the Mayapur community as well as many visitors from outside. Only the venue had to be changed from Prabhupada Ashram near Goshala to the Temple rooftop.

Besides several performances from local talents, many senior devotees gave a discourse on the meaning of Jhulan Yatra. Devotees brought home-made offerings, which they could personally witness being offered to Their beloved Lordships.

Lord Balarama’s appearance day (29th August) drew many eager participants to witness the traditional “breaking of the pots”.  The roaring crowd eagerly awaited seeing broken pots and sweets flying everywhere.

After concluding the festival on 30th evening, Their Lordships were carried back to the temple hall, accompanied by many devotees dancing and chanting the Holy Names. Please view the picture galleries of these events by clicking links on top.

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