Maha Harinaam in Krishnanagar

A Maha Harinam Sankirtan was held in Krishnanagar city on 8th Sep, 2015. This was the second Maha Harinaam held in Krishnanagar. The sankirtan was inaugurated by Rajkumar Malakar, inspector in charge, Kotwali P.S., Krishnanagar. The procession started from Rajbari Maidan at 4:30 PM and it covered city’s important areas like Kshanish Park, Sadar Hospital, Post Office, Kitowali police station and returned back to Rajbari Maidan. The procession was colourful and there were many flags, festoons, Abhiram patik etc. About 800 devotees participated including more than 300 Mayapur community devotees. Local devotees (Bhakti Vriksha, Namhatta, Chatra Samaj and others) also took part in Nagar Sankirtan Party.

All the devotees looked very enlivened and effulgent. They smiled, jumped and danced for a large part of the procession. One of Mayapur’s very special singer, H.G. Mitra Caitanya Pr. led kirtan very enthusiastically and everyone absorbed in dancing. Two foreign matajis decorated themselves mimicking Radha & Krishna dance. They danced artfully for the entire period of procession.

A good number of renowned devotees were present in the procession like Mayapur Deputy Director H.G. Sankarsan Nitai Pr., H.G. Ghanashyam Pr, and Srila Prabhupada’s disciples H.G. Murari Hari Pr, H.G.Hamsaduta Pr. and H.G. Ajamila Pr. Besides them, H.G. Madhav Hari Pr. and H.G. Nitaipadakamala Pr. also were present in the procession.

Apart from Harinam Sankitan there was also Srila Prabhupada’s books and prasad distribution on the street which common people accepted with a smile. Mayapur devotees went by six buses. After the program finished, a delicious dinner prasadam was served to them at Gita Bhavan. Khichri prasad was served to all the local participants from Krishnanagar.

Many Krishnanagar residents came forward to help Srila Prabhupada and His mission. Mayapur Local Preaching (MLP) acknowledged all of them for their valuable and wonderful service. Overall the program was a grand success by the will of the Lord and sincere endeavor of the organizing devotees of Mayapur and Krishnanagar under the able guidance of MLP coordinator H.G. Mathuresh Pr.

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