On 16th February morning, just after mangala arotika in Sridham Mayapura, Mother Manorupa dasi left this world for the supreme abode. Her two sons, Sri Nama Vanamali das and Sri Paramahamsa Gaura das were by her side loudly chanting the holy names. Such an auspicious departure. Her husband, Prahlada Nrsimha das is now arranging for the funeral ceremony. Devotees knew her as the perfect disciple, the perfect wife and the perfect mother.


Below is a letter of account from Prahlada Nrisimha Das:

Namaste .

Jai Sri Krishna.

Today on the auspicious conjunction of Sri Ekadasi and Dwadasi at the time of Mangala aratik Srimati, Manorupa Devi left her body in a sublime way.

Yesterday at 8:45 pm after the ceremony adivas Kirtan Mela, an auspicious storm fell in Sri Mayapur , a strong wind , heavy rain , for about half an hour, while thousands of devotees were singing happily in the Temple in ecstasy … Manorupa asked me to my ear … Is this a good time to leave? ….. I said it’s the perfect time … then she said something I could not understand … she had no more strength left, and with a whisper she said… ” Darshan ? ” as a question … so I understood that she was wondering if the Altar of the Temple was still open. I said no, it’s closed it’s 9:15 pm … so she continued to be with her eyes closed and breathing peacefully. I could not sleep as in many days … and around 2.30am I was sure that the time was coming … she was fine , I asked if she could take a sip of water , she did not want it… I asked are you okay? … She nodded yes … somehow I fell asleep. In my dream state I heard the conch and was dreaming that Manorupa was in the temple in her ” usual place ” … then suddenly my son came and woke me and said : “ Pita I think it ‘s time … “ Sri Nam Vanamali also woke up … I went to Manorupa’s side, she was breathing extremely softly, Sri Goura lit the room with oil lamps … She had been chanting japa with Sri Goura from since 2:45 am, when I took her hand, her face turned to me with a gentle smile, her eyes showed anticipation and I gently put her hand in a pot with water from Radhakundha and Ganga she was touching the water slowly to the beat of the kirtan, letting me know that she was listening ….. and we put the Maha Sri Krishna Chaitanya Dress Mahaprabhu on her … she was breathing ever so softly , and sometimes stopped breathing for a few seconds , and was looking in the direction of the paintings on the wall of Lord Krishna. I said, “Close your beautiful blue eyes my dear “and she did it so slowly. I said “We are here to give you goodbye and that Lord Krishna is on the other side to welcome you” and she nodded with a slight smile … Sri Goura was playing the harmonium , Sri Nama the mrdanga and they were following the beat of Srila Prabhupada’s cymbals as he chanted the Maha Mantra in the recording machine. Sri Goura led a sublime and heartfelt kirtan, after a few minutes around 4:45 she stopped breathing and a soft bluish white light departed from the left side of her torso, illuminating her face …… and then she was gone … from our place we could hear the singing devotees in the temple … she left the body in a very quiet and sublime way , Manorupa , Vanamali , Cidananda and I together as always united in separation … in her right hand she had japa beads that has always been the best company on hand .Yesterday was also the official opening of Gaura Purnima Festival Annual , 20 years after the installation of Pancha Tattva , devotees from around the world come yearly to this Gour Purnima Festival, many of our dear friends arrived yesterday just in time. Our home is right next to the temple , so the beautiful singing is heard all the time.

Soon the devotees began arriving, Sri Goura still singing from 4:30 am until 2:30 pm … After all the different ceremonies were held at home , we began the procession with all our friends and well-wishers to the mother Ganges ….. Friends and Fellow, Gurukula boys placed all ceremonial offerings and also carried Manorupa on a palanquin Bambu … at 12:00 noon on Abijit Sandhya , the body was cremated in Ganges river. Then the ashes were poured into the Holy Water. Nama Sri Mayapur left in the afternoon to arrive on time and complete the last three shows of Use and Aniruddha ..and Sri Gaura and I sing in Kirtan Mela from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in honor Manorupa, you can also participate by tuning Mayapur TV. We are protected by the Divine power of the Lord and the love and care you all, thank you very much for all your support during this incredible journey … Manorupa ‘s departure was a glorious event and it is free from all suffering. … I will miss her until ‘ll see her again.

Sri Gaura and I sang in the Kirtan Mela from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in honor of Manorupa , you can listen to ir by tuning Mayapur TV.

We are protected by the Divine power of the Lord and the love and care of you all, thank you very much for all your support during this incredible journey .

Your servant

Prahlad Nrsmha Das Adhikari.

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