Day 1 of Nabadwip Mandal parikrama

T housands of devotees from all over the world have been participating in  Nabadvipa Mandala Parikrama for the last twenty-five years. This year, eight thousand devotees took part in the parikrama.

Parikrama Adivas took place on 21st February morning at Yog pitha. The parikrama began on 22nd and devotees visited Godruma dvipa, the island of Kirtana.  The day began at 6:30 am with an ecstatic kirtan  from the main gate of ISKCON Temple . Rest of the day was full of ecstatic kirtan and excellent association. The Maharajas who so kindly accompanied the group were : HH Sacinandana Swami, HH Kavichandra Swami, HH Bhakti Dhira Damodara swami, and HH Navayogendra Maharaj. HH Jayapataka Maharaj and HH Gopal Krsna Maharaj also blessed devotees with their amazing Gauranga Katha.  Hare Krsna! Please learn about Godrumadvipa at the following link:…/isles-o…/3-godrumadvipa/

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More images of the parikrama can be seen on the facebook page of Parikrama:





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