Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam

“Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam”

Hare Krishna,

Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha happily wants to inform you that recently there was a “Harinam Sankirtan” procession within Sri Mayapur Dham ISKCON campus on 4th of October 2015, for the occasion of “Vishwa Harinam Worldwide Week’” and for the pleasure of Namacarya Srila Haridas Thakura.

Along with their guests about 600 Bhakti Vriksha members took part in that Harinam party. The procession started from Panca Tattva entrance gate at 4:30pm. It was quite long and was looking very beautiful as if devotees going out from Mayapur with great enthusiasm for Nabadwip Mandal Parikrama. All of them chanted and danced with smiling faces. The procession continued up to 6 pm. At the end delicious Prasadam was served to everyone at Sulav bhojanalaya and then all the devotees returned home peacefully.


Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay!

Thank you all very much. Thank you for reading Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha (MBV) Sankirtan news.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.


(N.B – Dear readers, for your kind information we want to submit that our department name has been changed from “Mayapur Local Preaching “(MLP) to “Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha “(MBV).

So from now on, the new name “Mayapur Bhakti Vriksha” (MBV) will be used. Thank you.)

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