Ramachandra Vijayotsav

T oday is the Ramachandra Vijayotsav. It is the festival to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over the demonic king Ravana. Lord Rama is an incarnation of Krsna who appeared on earth millions of years ago along with His consort Sita, His brother Laxman and His dear devotee Hanuman.

The entire story of Lord Rama is in the beautiful book “Ramayan”. Ramachandra’s appearance and activities on earth also appear in the Ninth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

Devotees usually celebrate Rama Vijay festival with dramas about Lord Rama and by burning an effigy of Ravana. Of course, the Festival ends with Kirtan and delicious Prasadam feast !

Print, color and hang this picture in your home in celebration of Lord Rama’s victory over The Demon Ravana.


Please let us know how you celebrated Lord Rama’s festival in your temple or your home and send us your small story with pictures so we can post them on one of our future news letter.

Ramacandra Vijayotsava ki Jay!

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