Ratha Yatra 2015 Celebrations

T he nine day long annual Ratha Yatra celebrations in Mayapur ended on 26th July. Although the festival began on 18th, the festival preparations started much earlier. Special wooden carts were designed for Their Lordships Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra devi this year. People from different parts of the world visited Mayapur for the Ratha Yatra. Many people came from nearby areas. All of them and also the local devotees participated in the festival with great enthusiasm.

The Ratha Yatra took place on 18th July. Dignitaries such as the Vice Chancellor of the Kalyani University and Pundarikaksha Saha were present on this occasion. In the early afternoon, there were classical dance and music events at Rajapur Temple. The Ratha yatra started around  3 pm after the Pandu Vijay.  Heavy rain couldn’t deter the enthusiastic devotees who walked all the way with Their Lordships from Rajapur Temple to ISKCON Mayapur.

During the next seven days, Their Lordships Jagannath Baladev and Subhadra devi were offered aratis and 56 bhoga. Devotees and visitors could honor every afternoon wonderful feasts of 56 prasadam offered to Lord. Every evening, there was lamp offering  and arati for the Lord along with singing of Jagannathastakam. Later there was distribution of prasadam to all visitors.

On 26th afternoon, Their Lordships returned in Ratha procession to Rajapur Temple. Please view the pictures of this year’s Ratha Yatra at: www.mayapur.com/2015/ratha-yatra-2015-gallery


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