Seminar on Cow Therapy

A seminar was conducted on Cow therapy in Mayapur . The seminar was organized by HG Akhand Anand Prabhu from Vrindavan. The seminar was conducted twice: once in English and other time in Bangla.

We provide an overview of the topics discussed below.

Prabhu explained that cow should be seen as  a reservoir of mercy rather than a candidate of mercy. Cows give us mercy in several ways such as just being in their association, serving them or consumption of her products such as milk, urine, yogurt, butter, butter milk and ghee leads to our well being. He also quoted research on aura of cow that just by being in her association aura of human being increases. He mentioned HH Bhakti Charu Maharaj who says that Pancagavya is the purest substance. Thus, it is used in Deity worship.

Indigenous/ Humped (indian) breed of cows have especially been neglected in modern India for they produce lesser quantity of milk compared to jersey cows. However, products of Indian cows have typically been researched in India and they are found to have special curative potency.He told that focus earlier was serving cows and her products were a side benefit, now things have commercialized and degraded.  For instance, he told that milk given by a cow out of affection for her calf and taken manually compared to machines is more beneficial. Also, cow milk produced with injection is not beneficial rather it may even be harmful.

Later, he elaborated on health benefits and precautions in using different cow products such as milk, urine, yogurt, butter, butter milk and ghee. He also mentioned that cow products like ghee work at subtle level and lead to more intelligence.

There is no dearth of quotes in sastras on importance of cows. Even recent research has proved the health benefits of cow products. Given the time, he showed  only few  presentations  compared to several that he had. Overall, the seminar was appreciated by the gathered devotees.

Gomata ki jaya!! Hare Krishna!!

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