Sri Krishna Janmastami 2015

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The auspicious Janmashtami day in Mayapur was packed with spiritual events like samskaras, aratis and abhishek. Melodious kirtan ran almost the whole day. The day started with stunning mangal arati darshan. Next, there was katha on Lord Krishna’s birth by HH Bhakti Brihat Bhagavat Swami and HG Jananivas Prabhu.

Not just the altar but the entire temple room was decorated amazingly for sringar arati. After sringar arati, devotees from the Gurukula began preparations for the performance of Krishna’s samskaras. Devotees played different roles like Krishna, Nanda, Yashoda, and Gargacharya. A large number of samskaras were performed beginning from Jata Karma (Birth), Niskramanam (first outing), Nama karana (name giving), Paustika karma (nourishment), Anna prasana (first grains), Cuda karanam (hair cutting), Upanayanam (sacred thread), and finally Samavartana (graduation from Gurukula).

Sri Radha Madhav and Asta Sakhis were adorned with very colorful dresses in the evening.  At 10 pm, there was an amazing abhishek of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava. The temple room was packed with devotees who were anxious to see the abhishek of the Lord. Pujaris then performed a midnight arati for Their Lordships. There was a huge Anukalpa feast too at midnight.

Please view above; the amazing picture galleries of Darshan, Samskaras and Abhishek. You can also view the recordings of this wonderful festival on Mayapur.TV Choose the channel, ‘MayapurTV’ and view the video gallery.

Hare Krishna, Sri Krishna Janmashtami Mahamahotsav ki Jay.

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