VIP Visits Mayapur

M r. Cesare Bieller, Consul General of Italy at Kolkata, visited ISKCON Mayapur. Around 40 different nationals live peacefully as a community in Mayapur. We have few devotees from Italy residing at Mayapur and they came together to welcome and meet the Italian Consul General. Ganga Das (an Italian National), our Deputy Director had invited Mr. Cesare Bieller to visit Sri Mayapur. Ganga das took him on a tour inside the campus, temple and had organised a meet with Italian devotees. Mr. Cesare was very much appreciative of the initiatives of ISKCON and expressed his willingness to develop Sri Mayapur as a tourist destination. He was concerned about the National Highway, which needs repair and maintenance and urged ISKCON to take it up with local government to fix the road. He was pleased to know about works under progress to connect Sri Mayapur by waterways. He also discussed on different modes of transport that will facilitate the tourists visit to Mayapur. Mr. Cesare also received transcendental gifts from Sri Mayapur.

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