3rd Day of Gaura Purnima festival in Mayapur- 7 Feb 2016

T he number of devotees arriving for the festival is increasing! Panca Tattva hall was packed and everyone were trying to get into the hall to take part of this eternal Sankirtan lila of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates! HH Lokanath Swami gave today’s lecture on the famous verse:

Krishna varnam tvisa krsnam  – where the incarnation of Lord Krishna as Gaura Avatar with the weapon of Sankirtan is predicted. The lecture is available at archives. Kirtan Mela schedule for the day is as follows:


10:00 HG Vishvambara Das (Mayapuris)

11:00  HH Purushatraya Swami

12:00 HG Naru Gopal Das

1:00 HG Titiksava Karunika Das

1:30 HG Mahaprabhu Caitanya Das

2:00 HG Atmarama Das

2:30 HG Sudama Sakha Das

3:00 HG Girigivardhan Das

3:30 HG Maha Nitai Das

4:00 HG Shyamananda Das

4:30 HG Padmarani Devi Dasi

5:00 Bhajan Kutir

6:00 HG Agnideva Das

7:00 HH Lokanath Swami

8:00 HH Bhaktivaibhava Swami

9:00 HG Amala Harinam Das


Today’s both breakfast and lunch festival prasada is sponsored on behalf of

HH Jayapataka Swami.
Our thanks to Nihal Sing Prabhu from South Africa for his kindness to sponsor Kirtan Mela Prasada for the day.


Devotees raise their hands to loudly chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra, praying to Their Lordships for their spiritual welfare.

Watch today’s featured Festival video: A feel of the festival by a visitor to Mayapur: