Pushpa Abhisheka In Sridham Mayapur

I n an over crowded temple , Mayapur Chandra started the evening program with a very sweet kirtan

which set the peaceful mood…

Radha Madhava all dressed in a breath taking flower outfit complete with flower jewelry, were proudly standing on their altar surrounded by the beautiful Gopis. Their Lordship seemed to be overlooking the crowd bestowing blessings on all the devotees gathered to glorify the Lord of their heart. It was such a touching moment to see HH Jayapataka Maharaj appear on the altar platform to participate in the abishek. My heart melted at the sight of his lotus feet…Such a great amazing soul…

A few minutes later, gracefully, Radha Krsna came to take place on their specially made full flower altar ready to allow their devotees to perform puspa abhisek for them.

For some time, it seemed like everyone had stopped breathing and time had stopped, it felt like a dream, unbelievable…

Then, abishek started, wow….colorful flower petals falling from all sides, then all white… it was suddenly snowing in Sri Mayapur Dham, gorgeous, so beautiful!

Yellow, red, orange, pink, even green…what a sight, how close we all feel to the Lord in those very special moments he so mercifully allows us to share with him.

Sometimes, sweet Radharani was so covered in flower petal, it was scary , I thought “please someone save her, she needs to breath…” Thank God for the pujari who had the service of saving Radharani…

Millions and trillions of flower petals were falling from the sky, obviously the Demi Gods got involved in this evening’s abishek, how can so many flower petals fall everywhere at the same time?

Devotee eyes didn’t move fast enough to look at both Radha Madhava and Lord Nrsimhadeva who also got a puspa Abishek!

Now that really proves that this whole celebration is not from this world.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it started snowing on Our Large Deities… no more words………..

i can only look now, with a few tears blocking the view…

After some time, ecstasy took over the crowd, showers of Maha flower petal were somehow or other thrown from the altar and soon were covering the entire temple room, no one was spared, all were covered in spiritual …bliss.

To watch our pushpa abhishka from youtube, please click on this link:

Pushpa Abhisheka Mayapur

I don’t think anyone present will ever forget that incredible evening in Sri Dham Mayapur.

Sri Mayapur Dham Ki Jay!