Following the tradition of Jagannath’s boat festival at Narendra Sarovar at Puri, where Lord Jagannath enjoys water pastimes for 21 days of Chandan yatra, at Rajapur, which is non-different from Puri dhama, we celebrated Jagannath Boat festival for 2 days. At the small pukur in front of Simantini mata temple, Sri Jagannath, Baladeva &Subhadra devi adorned a beautifully decorated boat with flowers canopy  and had their boat festival with sweet singing of Jagananthastakam kirtans, arti’s, accepting varieties of bhoga lovingly offered by devotees.  We had a surprise! Lord Jagannath gave darshan as Narasimhadeva. It was like Jagannath & Narasimhadeva boat festival!

The ecstatic festival ended with sumptuous prasadam distribution.