Chakra Narayana – Chandan Yatra Day 7

B eneath a solitary tree, Krishna manifested his form as four-armed Lord Narayan, replete with divine symbols in his hand, Kausthuba gem and crown. The boys spotted Krishna’s blackish effulgence from a distance and raced to be the first to touch him. But when they arrived at the tree they stopped short, seeing before them the master of all creation. The cowherd boys were struck with awe to see the towering form of four armed Lord Narayana leaning casually upon His club and smiling at them fondly like a benevolent father. Spontaneously the boys bowed before him. Then, still kneeling, full of wonders, palms joined in respect. The cowherd boys huddled together, not knowing what else to do. Touched by His own love for His bewildered friends, Krishna could not restrain Himself. He quickly resumed His original form as a cowherd boy, called out “SURPRISE”! and ran towards the grazing cows.

Being the last day of full body chandan for Sri Madhava, he was covered in blue chandan. Small Madhava was also blue and holding a chakra along with his flute. The photos are posted in the Daily Darshan. To view them please Click Here