Chandan Yatra Day 3

R ajadhiraja – King of kings

The gopis adorned Srimati Radharani in a way befitting the reigning monarch of Vrindavan. They dressed each other as the queen’s ministers, attendants, bodyguards, and gatekeepers. Wearing a flowing cape, golden slippers, and a regal crown, decorated with strands of necklaces and brilliant ring. Radha was coronated within the central grove of kananbada and presented with a scepter. The same maidservants who had dressed Radha dressed Madhava in a way befitting the king of Vrndavana – royal crown and all. Krishna then sat beside Srimati Radharani to receive the formal worship of her court. And finally the monarchs of divine love retired to a solitary Kunja while the gopis sang and the gopas slept.

Based on this pastime the vesa Rajadhiraja was offered to the Lordships. Decorated in glittering red dress and decorated in chandan the deities looked amazing. For the small deities there was a gate followed by a staircase of flowers led to the deities. Srimati Radharani was holding the scepter and both of them had beautiful rayal crown. You can take darshan of the deities vesas will be offered every day for the next 18 days. You can see them here in daily darshan and live at (darshan arati at 8:00 am Indian time).